Able to fall asleep within minutes, promotion, winning several lucky draws consistently, better peace and harmony, happier at work and life, thinking faster at work

  I work late most nights and typically sleep after midnight. At times I have difficulties falling asleep (passed the! Sleepy period or brain still hyped up).

After Teacher Terelyn taught us the simple steps of H.E.M Meditation, I’m able to fall asleep within minutes most nights. Even on the nights where my brain is really hyped up, I’m still able to fall asleep after some time (vs in the past where I would have insomnia). This is truly a blessing as I’m now able to get quality rest despite a busy schedule.

My work portfolio was slated to undergo huge changes, pending the outcome of a big tender pitch. I had no sense if it’s better or worse for me if we won/lost the tender. I spoke to my Sodo Chloride Garden crystal ball, asking it to help me in my career regardless of the outcome. I was not aware back then that promotion plans were in the pipeline if we won the tender. We lost the tender but yet I got my promotion. I learnt that HR questioned the basis for promotion (since we lost the tender) but my MD intervened and successfully pushed for my case. The key takeaway I’ve gained from this experience: If you invest in the appropriate crystal for your cause/need and place faith in your crystal, you will reap the returns.

After doing the DIY Wealth Bowl and also purifying my name cards with Sodo Lucky Fire, my mother and I have won several lucky draws in the past year. My mother won several prizes (food blender, NTUC vouchers) at various RC events and she is delighted that she’s consistently the only one in her group of friends to win. As for me, I’ve been lucky at name card draws. I won the only prize at a CNY client event. My name card was also drawn at another client event for top prize (though I didn’t claim the prize as I left event early).

My parents each have a Sodo rainbow Rose Quartz ball while I have a rose quartz bracelet. All 3 of us have emotional qualities with fast tempers. I noticed that generally our tempers have improved and it’s now easier to reason with my parents when in the past they would be much more emotional. These crystals do wonders to bring happiness into my life! I have a Sodo White Crystal Ball in my office. Whenever I feel frustrated or upset at work, I feel a lot better and happier simply via looking at the rainbow in the crystal ball. I also have a Sodo White Quartz rainbow pendent which I’ve also experienced happiness and serenity most times when I wear it. Even at times when I get frustrated/irritated, I noticed that I will get over these negative feelings a lot faster than compared to the past. I bought a Sodo Lapis pendent for my brother as he usually gets stressed up when he faces problems at work. He has given me feedback that ever since he started carrying his lapis, he can think of solutions faster whenever he encounters problems at work. This is great news as he could now self-help when he typically would have kept to himself and not seeks assistance from colleagues in such situations.



Clarity of thought improved tremendously, more constructive ideas at work

  I was very forgetful; I can even forget things from a minute ago. Sometimes after wearing a Sodo Lapis bracelet, my clarity of thoughts has improve tremendously. Now during meeting, I can even bring out very constructive points for my company to work on.



Life getting smoother

I was actually holding 3 jobs right now. I would say that calibrated Rose Quartz is very powerful that it's help to attract business and smoothness in my job. Sometimes I was having difficulty with my client, some of them are unreasonable. After I talk to my rose quartz, some of these difficult clients actually leave peacefully and make my life easier. It might not be striking 4D to feel good luck, but somehow it just feel smoother.



More positive in life, better relationship at work

I work in a company as a manager, I have to take care of 4 very young staff. My relationship with them is very bad. But after coming to Sodo, with the knowledge which I learn, I became more positive and my relationship with them has improved to my surprise, all the 4 of them calling me as 'Mummy'.



Increased in business opportunities

After the Feng Shui lesson, I activated my Patron and Wen Chang sector. Suddenly there is a lot of opportunity coming my way, which is when I started to believe that good luck must come with good intention of mind and absence of doubt will guarantee success.



More help from friends and family, better health for son After attending Feng Shui lesson.

I made a Sodo DIY Patron Plate and placed it at my patron sector. I can feel the difference almost instantly, a lot of people have been helpings me especially my own brother. He is now helping me to set up business. My son always sick and have to visits doctor nearly every month. After making (during DIY lesson) the Hu Lu, he is more healthy then before and do not need to visit the doctor again.



Lesser headache, feeling refresh and more energized, better focus and concentration at work

I am a US stock market trader and was use to sleep very late and wake up very early. Soon I started to have constant headache. After I attended the Feng Chui DIY class, I made a DIY Sodo Hu Lu for myself and hang it beside my bed, my headache become lesser, I feel very refresh and more energize then before. People can see my improvement and I am more focus and concentrated in my work right now. Therefore I feel that the Hulu had helped me a lot!



Unexpected higher bonus and salary increment

I got this calibrated Sodo Chloride Garden crystal and was told that this is for career luck and for health. Recently, when I came back from travelling, I did a round of Sodo Lucky Fire Purification with the chloride garden crystal. Interestingly when I went back to work, my boss told me that initially she wanted to give me a certain amount of increment but when she saw that amount she feels that it is not right and she later gave me a higher increment and a higher bonus even after all the approval of the management. This was really unexpected because I'm in the human resource department, and we know that it is very difficult to make changes on salary and bonus after management approvals, so this is a very big surprise!



50% profit in stock investment

after a few days Sometime in May I attended a DIY Feng Shui class conducted by Teacher Terelyn. It was a wonderful Sunday and we were having fun building our own DIY Sodo Wealth Bowl. When I was back home I placed the Wealth Bowl at the Prosperity Sector in my living room. Sure enough on the following Monday, the shares that I bought the week before started to move up. The share price continued on an upward trajectory for the next few days. I took profit when the price rose 50%. Thank you so much Sodo!



Good luck at job interview

Back in Mid Sep 14 I came across Sodo in Straits Times, I attended the $36 SODO Feng Shui workshop. In the class, Teacher Terelyn shared testimonials about Sodo Multifaceted Crystal that help smake life smoother and help people find jobs so I bought one for myself. Back then my objective was to find a full time job as soon as possible. I got a job interview within a week. I talk to my Sodo multifaceted crystal before the interview and the interview session went smoothly. I got into the second round of interview with my current big boss and was recruited for the job.



SODO Feng Shui House Audit bring prosperity luck within few hours

Thanks for the audit and report on my house. After the report I did a few things as recommended by you. These are simple things like cleaning and clearing the wealth sector and putting a three coin ornament in the rice bucket. That very afternoon I went to buy 3 sets of lottery numbers. 2 of them won a starter prize and consolation prize. Although not a massive windfall, it's a great feeling to strike. Thanks SODO Feng Shui for the excellent and efficient recommendations



Surprise new job offer immediately after resignation

I received my calibrated Sodo Multifaceted Crystal as a present from my aunt in August 2014, when she knew I was actively looking for a new job. Since then, I have been carrying the crystal ball in my bag daily.

One month after I owned the crystal, I received calls for interview which really boosted my confidence. Things at the previous job were going really tough and I was often unwell so decided to resign with a job to take a break. But to my surprise, the same day I tendered my resignation, I was offered a new job. My fate turned around in a day and I found it incredible. I believe my crystal ball had been helping me and I am thankful for whatever it had granted me




New job after months of joblessness better creativity

I would like to thank you for your blessings in getting me a job after countless months of being jobless. The weekly meditation sessions, your constant blessings and the Feng Shui items had all played a part in my job-search quest.

The Sodo White Quartz and Sodo Rose Quartz had brought me more peace within myself and the Sodo Lapis somehow gave me creative ideas to ace those gruesome interviews.

I can’t thank SODO enough for your motivation, encouragement and blessings. Thank you.

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