Our achievements


Top 100 SME Singapore Elite Enterprise

The awards are a symbol of credibility and prestige,

given to companies that have shown exemplary commitment

and outstanding progress in their respective fields and industries.


    Singapore Trusted Enterprise

Singapore Trusted Enterprise Award is a recognition to

 SMEs' as well as entrepreneurs’ success in terms of quality products,

top-notch services and brand goodwill to its' consumers and clients.

Every year, Singapore Branding Association will hand-picked at most 100 SMEs

to be awarded the Singapore Trusted Enterprise based on

consumers' reviews on its' excellence in deliverance of its' products and services.


                                                        Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award


Influential Enterprise of the Year 2015/2016

The Influential Enterprise of the Year is a business accolade that

recognises companies who have influenced change in their respective industries.

Through their exceptional hard work, they have proven

themselves as truly influential enterprises

— businesses who have stayed ahead of the curve by being ahead of change.


Aspiring Businesswomen of the Year 2015/2016

This accolade celebrates all the women who have conquered countless obstacles

to become one of the entrepreneurial elites in Singapore.

These women have braved numerous challenges, and now they enjoy the fruits of labour.

Through the Aspiring Businesswomen of the Year accolade,

we wish to inspire more women to take up entrepreneurship,

to empower all women in Singapore to take charge.


Top Business Brand 2016/2017

The Top Business Brand celebrates the journey of top-performing brands

and local businesses by featuring the outstanding products

and services of these companies. The recipients of the

Top Business Brand accolade braved through tough times in order to create

and influential brand, thus soaring to become a part of Singapore's entrepreneurial elite.


Top Business Brand - Lifestyle & wellness


Top Business Brand - Professional Services



Singapore Premier Choice

To be favored by clients and the general public for its’ industry,

is one of the most rewarding achievements any business would relish in.

After all, this occurrence is not entirely in the hands of the business but rather,

a conscious agreement made by the people. In order to gain the opportunity to earn this feat,

a company has to constantly excel on multiple major conditions such as customer service,

presence, standard of products and skills of offered services.

Judged by the majority,

the Singapore Premier Choice is a token granted to businesses

which have succeeded in composing themselves as one of the best in their line of trade.

Designed to resemble a gold medal, the logo presents itself in a form of congratulatory

for the victories triumphed over where others have failed.

At the core of the medal is the pivotal symbol of a pair of golden wings,

representing the people's vote to gleamingly bear this commendation in appreciation.

The Singapore Premier Choice accolade is a character of encouragement for

all companies to strive to push the boundaries of being resilient

on every front of its’ business and to lift themselves to become a cut above the rest.


Singapore Industry Icon

In the challenging world of business,

it is a known fact that success is not a thing guaranteed to each entity.

In some instances, the ride of success may even be a short-lived one.


there is an aggregation of establishments who embraces

impediments and has truly stood the test of time.

These are the businesses with a vehement foundation within,

while possessing the exceptional proficiency to conform

within the inevitable innovations of the market and industry,

encountered throughout their operating years.

It is with great pleasure in which the Singapore Industry Icon

functions as a salutation to honor this league of unprecedented companies.

The symbol appoints as a trophy of prestige,

with the raising of glistening waves manifesting and celebrating the rise to prominence.

Its’ abiding essence substantiates a time-tested figure with a commanding presence,

revealing an avant-garde leader.

The Singapore Industry Icon is the only worthy enough advocate of businesses

which have inaugurated a position of significance,

together with their myriad of accomplishments.



Singapore Preferred Brand

A valuable branding for a business is one which would evoke

a wide collection of positive thoughts and emotions for the clients as well as the public.

To the untrained eye, a company's branding could appear to be

something obvious to perceive or even to happen by chance. In actual fact,

to conceive a superior business branding takes a long path of

detailed planning, strategizing and conceptual designing.

From displaying the strength of a company, to the expression of its’ core values,

down to the drawing in of customers with the open arms of welcome,

it is all represented by this complicated facet of a business.

The Singapore Preferred Brand is only awarded to companies armed with a unique and rewarding brand.

Its’ logo shows the flow of balance between creativity and purpose,

the two most vital points on the drawing board of creating a substantial trademark.

Along with an underlying pleasant appearance to encourage a sense of ease,

it also seeks to serve as an usher of hospitality.

For a business brand which has been conscientiously executed,

the Singapore Preferred Brand accolade will act as a stamp of approval.



Asia Excellence Award 2017

Asia remains one of the most promising economies in the world.

The Asia Excellence Award wants to help budding SMEs to grow

into the Asian market by sharing the knowledge and experience

of successful companies who have expanded into other parts of Asia.

Through various success stories,

the Asia Excellence Award inspires the next generation of outstanding entrepreneurs.


Business Trust 2017

Business Trust aims to foster a sense of assurance between entrepreneurs.

This is an effort to provide credibility and integrity

within the network of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore.

Through this accolade, we identify businesses who have proven

their reliability to their clients through their products or services.