About SODO Institute

The Institute of SODO Feng Shui was established to share the benefits of Feng Shui and principles of Chi to people from all walks of life. Our students hail from all over the world: Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Philippines, Mauritius, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Australia. SODO Feng Shui is simple, practical and effective Feng Shui for the modern era. We specialize in teaching Feng Shui without using I-Ching Ba-Gua, and Lou-Pan. Ancient Feng Shui concepts and cosmic principles of Chi have been synthesized and translated into modern English so that even non-Chinese students can learn and apply Feng Shui solutions immediately and effectively. By using SODO Feng Shui, our students have delivered amazing results in improving their health, happiness, intelligence, career, wealth, marriage and relationships.

Join the Institute of SODO Feng Shui today and you too can become happier, healthier, luckier and wealthier!

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