H.E.M. is the path how Terelyn use Chi to achieve miraculous manifestation of Feng Shui objectives & SODO crystals calibration. All SODO graduates are STRONGLY recommended to attend. HEM meditation is a technique that has its root in ancient Chinese tradition and has been handed down for thousands of years only to the selected few of direct lineage. Modern scientific researches had proven that meditation has several benefits to individuals as well as the world. HEM practitioners naturally develop CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRSENTIENCE and CLAIRAUDIENCE to the light realms.

Other benefits include

(1) greater inner peace and inner serenity;

(2) increased mental clarity which helps to better fulfill your life missions;

(3) encourage the brain to release hormones beneficial to human body;

(4) develop energy bodies that is bigger than an average person;

and (5) most important of all, it contributes to peace, harmony, happiness and beauty of Mother Earth. This meditation will be revealed by SODO to the public for the first time in its long history. HEM meditation is suitable for all ages, gender and ethnicities. HEM is independent from any religion and can be practiced anytime even when you are sleeping which fits perfectly into people with busy lifestyle and yet still want to meditate. All graduates of SODO Feng Shui and SODO Crystals are highly recommended to attend HEM. It will greatly increase your manifestation powers whenever you do Feng Shui or use your crystals.